Our Children

Our children are not safe. This is a fact, but one skewed by further description. Our children are not safe in school. They aren’t safe on the street. They aren’t safe at home. They aren’t safe in movie theaters, libraries, restaurants, or even in church. Our children are not safe. If we take guns out […]

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The Middle and Crazy Days

  I’ve had a crazy last couple of months. I know that such a statement doesn’t separate me from the pack. Everyone living in the hustle and bustle of the world had probably had a crazy time in recent times, quite a few making my own experiences look tame and borderline dull. That’s not going […]

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Sticking to Your Dream

I’ve spent a lot of time reading articles on how to follow your dreams. There are thousands of the damned things out there and I, for one, have learned quite a bit about the first five or so minutes of that act. Have you noticed how few people actually cover the really difficult side of […]

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