The Middle and Crazy Days

  I’ve had a crazy last couple of months. I know that such a statement doesn’t separate me from the pack. Everyone living in the hustle and bustle of the world had probably had a crazy time in recent times, quite a few making my own experiences look tame and borderline dull. That’s not going […]

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Sticking to Your Dream

I’ve spent a lot of time reading articles on how to follow your dreams. There are thousands of the damned things out there and I, for one, have learned quite a bit about the first five or so minutes of that act. Have you noticed how few people actually cover the really difficult side of […]

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Disconnection and Reconnection

I’ve had an oddly crazy three months. I’ve trained for one job, and now am switching to a completely different one. I’ve published my first novel and actually had some success with it. Talk about a mind blower. Since February I’ve written another novel, The Story’s Writer, and a novella, Walking Back. I’ve done all […]

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